22 October 2021

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers contain an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into the skin at varying depths. They are used to help smooth the complexion, provide volume to the skin, or to augment facial features.
At Nassif Medspa UK in Manchester, we use dermal fillers in a variety of areas on the face and body, including: around the eyes, the cheeks, jawline, neck, decolletage, lips, nose and hands. They are effective at improving a wide range of concerns for people in different age groups; whether their aim is to restore a youthful appearance, or to accentuate and define one’s features.

Additional volume beneath the skin is the key to how dermal fillers work. They can successfully address ageing-related concerns, such as: lines and wrinkles, facial volume loss, flat cheeks, lip lines and jowls, acting as a replacement for the substances that once gave the complexion its youthful volume and bounce – collagen and elastin. During the ageing process volume is often lost in places such as the mid-face, cheeks and lips, as well as within the bone structure (as the skull also shrinks with age). The right amount of filler can add volume, smooth the texture of the skin and soften the look of wrinkles. Addressing the individual requirements for our patients is important, and the experienced doctors at Nassif Medical Spa UK use advanced injecting techniques with dermal fillers treatments, which include ‘profile rebalancing’. This procedure is incredibly effective at restoring overall facial harmony for both our female and male patients. The outcome of a bespoke, tailored treatment plan gives each patient a result that enhances the features, redefines facial contouring and revives a youthful look.

Acne and trauma scarring doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of ageing-related concerns; however their appearance can sometimes benefit from dermal fillers as a more even surface is achieved.

Another way that dermal fillers can challenge nature is to make subtle, yet noticeable tweaks to the features. Aside from ageing, genetics can be the reason why facial characteristics are smaller in appearance. Dermal fillers can enhance the shape and size of a particular feature (such as the cheeks or lips), creating a balanced and more proportionate look to the entire face. The nose, chin and jawline are perfect examples of features where dermal fillers can improve contouring. This approach also takes clever placing of the filler, at specific points along the bone structure to create new and improved facial lines.

There is one more role that dermal fillers can fulfil, and that is to contribute to an improved condition of the skin. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid is often included within the smooth gel. This substance is naturally produced by the skin, and as collagen and elastin depletes, so does hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic, meaning it attracts water, and this is what contributes to the plumping effect in the areas it is placed.

A treatment using dermal fillers is non-invasive. In some procedures, such as a liquid face-lift or non-surgical rhinoplasty, it is a preferred alternative to undergoing the surgical option. There is significantly less downtime (only a little swelling and possible bruising) and the cost is substantially different.
Dermal fillers offer a temporary solution to a person’s concerns, as most fillers are eventually absorbed by the body. Due to this unique property, it means that it is possible for a dermal fillers treatment to be reversed. A dissolving agent called hyaluronidase can be applied in a series of injections to the treated area, which works to dissolve the filler, quickly. Nassif MedSpa UK’s skilled and experienced practitioners expertly apply dermal fillers, and our results are effective and successful. Given that Dr. Paul Nassif is a world renowned surgeon, and is known for helping patients on his TV show ‘Botched’, many people come to see our doctors here in Manchester for help in correcting or removing previously placed filler.
Our patients often express how happy they are with their results and because of our ‘less is more’ approach, they have trust in us and regularly return to our clinic.

Visit Nassif MedSpa UK, and see what dermal fillers can do for you!