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Face Treatment

Jawline Contouring

Face Treatment

Jawline Contouring

Jawline contouring involves the application of dermal fillers to help lengthen, enhance and define the chin and jawline area. This treatment is often used to improve the appearance of a weak chin or sagging skin around the jawline, known as jowls.

Genetics will often influence the look of your lower face, with ageing contributing to changing facial characteristics as the internal structure weakens. Jawline re-contouring can help to replace firmness and fullness to the skin, restoring a sharper look to this area.

When addressing a weak chin, this treatment adds volume where it is needed to provide a stronger look and more balanced profile.

Your concerns and desired result will be discussed at a pre-treatment consultation, from which a suitable plan of action will be advised. Here at Nassif MedSpa we use high quality brands of dermal fillers, containing hyaluronic acid which are renowned for their safety and ability to produce successful outcomes for many of our patients.

During the treatment dermal fillers will be expertly applied at various points along the jawline. The results can provide a smoother look that subtly lifts the skin, as well as creating enhanced definition and a more balanced look to the entire face.

Jawline contouring can be used on its own or as part of a variety of treatments to refresh the whole of the face and neck. The results may be seen immediately after the procedure, developing further in the few days that follow.

You will need to take care around the filled area immediately following your treatment, avoiding unnecessary touching or pressure for the first six hours. Maintaining long-term results will require regular follow-up sessions every 12 – 18 months.

Jawline Contouring Manchester

At a glance

Expected Results

Improved contouring of the jaw

Treatment Time

30 minutes




12 - 18 months


Am I suitable for jawline contouring?

Jawline contouring is a fast non-surgical way to enhance the look of your jawline or jowls. If you feel your jawline is asymmetrical, lacks definition or has begun to sag due to ageing or weight loss, you may be a candidate for this treatment.

We measure the ratios of your face to give you a more balanced silhouette. Profile rebalancing is achieved using dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid, tailored to meet your needs according to your individual concerns.

Is jawline contouring safe?

At Nassif MedSpa you are in safe hands. You will have your treatment performed by a trained and experienced injector who uses their expertise to administer the dermal fillers precisely and with great care. Only the highest quality brands of dermal filler are used at this clinic as the welfare of all our patients is a priority.

Will it hurt?

Local anaesthetic is combined with the dermal filler so you feel little to no discomfort. In addition, the dermal filler is administered using the finest of needles to enable less trauma to the skin.

Are there any side effects or risks?

For between 24 and 48 hours after the treatment you may experience some swelling and redness around the jawline. Any bruising may last for a few days, but this can easily be hidden with concealing make-up. Other potential complications will be discussed prior to treatment as well as contraindications including, pregnancy, breastfeeding and allergies that may mean this method of jawline contouring is not suitable for you.

How much downtime can I expect?

Although this treatment may cause you some slight sensitivity, it should not cause you any disruption to your day. If your own level of comfort allows, you should not be required to take time off work, unless it is your own choice. However, many patients prefer to stay at home while any swelling and redness subsides.

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Client Reviews

Jennie Murphy
Jennie Murphy
19 May 2024
Amazing 10/10 they were so supportive I had huge amounts of anxiety the whole time I was literally shaking but the loveliest woman ever held my hand and we chatted away and I love the results so far, id just like to thank them for being so professional they went super above and beyond the customer service is unreal!!!!
Abbey Bebbington
Abbey Bebbington
17 May 2024
I have been to see Amanda a few times now to help with the appearance of my acne scarring and redness. On my first appointment we had a very very thorough consultation which I really appreciated. I then went onto have halo and profractional laser, the aftercare was amazing and she was always on hand to answer any queries over message on her weekend! I have recently been for a checkup where I had more treatment in her own time just so I can get the best results possible. You're in extremely good hands at nassif med spa, everything is amazing from the second you walk through the door. I have had a lot of people curious about what I'm doing too. Thankyou!
Emma Fenlon
Emma Fenlon
27 April 2024
The Hydrafacial Platinum was absolutely fantastic, hands down the best facial I have ever had. My skin felt gorgeous afterwards and the whole experience was relaxing and rejuvenating. Nina was lovely, friendly and explained each stage, which was very reassuring. Amanda and Andi were so welcoming and professional. The clinic is beautifully clean and well presented. I will be back and have already recommended them and this particular treatment to friends and family. Thank you!
Ashley Spence
Ashley Spence
5 April 2024
Great experience throughout. Amanda was brilliant made me feel very relaxed and explained my treatment thoroughly. Looking forward to my next treatment.
Nikita Trehan
Nikita Trehan
29 March 2024
Always love coming here, everyone’s super friendly and such a relaxing atmosphere. They offer a range of incredible services & always going above & beyond.
The NewYou Skin Clinic
The NewYou Skin Clinic
18 March 2024
Amanda was absolutely superb . Very knowledgeable and reassuring. The clinic is beautiful . I will be returning in a month as advised . Very indepth consultation with no pressure at all . Highly recommend.
17 March 2024
An excellent clinic, highly recommended! I visited Nassif Medspa initially for BBL treatment, but soon progressed to Moxi and Hydrafacial treatments. Amanda is a consummate professional, who listened to my (difficult) in-depth journey, and made recommendations to help. My skin has never looked better! Her attention to detail is second-to-none; Amanda genuinely puts time, energy, and her soul into her work, and it really shows. Shout out to the lovely Andy and Nina too. A great clinic with awesome vibes. Big thumbs up! A++++++++++++++++++
Melinda Taylor
Melinda Taylor
8 March 2024
Very professional and know their stuff. Went for a consultation and would highly recommend
Deby Allison
Deby Allison
4 March 2024
Amazing Hydrafacial. The DPD delivery man said what have you done you look brand new.