Sciton SkinTyte II


Sciton SkinTyte II

One of the most common symptoms of ageing is the appearance of loose or sagging skin. This concern is often most noticeable on the face, affecting the mid to lower features as jowls, loose skin around the neck and chin, and droopy cheekbones start to develop. However, other parts of the body can also be affected, with patients also expressing their dissatisfaction with sagging skin on the abdomen, around the knees, upper arms and buttocks. Lost elasticity in the skin is the direct cause of this concern as collagen and elastin starts to deplete. Undergoing the Sciton SkinTyte treatment can help to restore the properties that keep the skin firm; collagen and elastin, giving you back your smooth and youthful looking skin.

Infrared light is applied to your complexion during this revolutionary treatment. By using this technique the deeper layers of the dermis are gently heated, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This response helps to heal, repair and regenerate the internal structure, which causes the skin to tighten and firm. As a result the surface of the skin experiences contraction and the deeper levels respond by remodelling collagen deep in the dermis leading to firmer skin.

SkinTyte can be used in combination with other laser and light treatments creating an overall rejuvenating experience for the skin that improves its condition both on the inside and the outside.

Dr. Nassif has been using this at our Beverly Hills MedSpa for many years and we are proud to be the only MedSpa outside of London that offers this popular and effective treatment.

Attending a consultation at Nassif MedSpa will enable a personalised treatment plan to be put in place that addresses your individual concerns and expected goals. A course of treatments (often this is 5 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart) is often required to achieve the outcome you desire, which will be determined prior to the procedure. Results will develop gradually and may show the final outcome after 4 months, when your skin will look fuller, firmer and smoother. Results last up to 2 years.

Sciton SkinTyte

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Firmer, tighter skin

Treatment Time

30 minutes




Long-term results


Am I suitable for Sciton SkinTyte?

This treatment is suitable for most men or women who are concerned about the look of loose or sagging skin on the face or body. The treatment can be adapted to suit your concerns and meet the requirements of expected end result. If you have any contraindications which will mean this treatment is not suitable for you, it will be determined at the pre-treatment consultation.

Is Sciton SkinTyte safe?

This treatment is a safe and effective solution for tightening the skin on the face and body. Your practitioner will be a trained and qualified professional who has an extensive understanding of how the procedure works and what areas can be addressed.

Will it hurt?

The application of infrared light to the skin is not generally described as being painful. It feels like a a hot stone massage. You may feel a warming as the heat is applied, but you will be monitored throughout the treatment to ensure you are not in any discomfort.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Following the SkinTyte treatment you may find that your skin looks red and slightly swollen. These effects are often minor and will subside within 24 hours of the procedure. In rare cases a patient experiences a mild burn or blistering, all of which will be discussed during your consultation.

How much downtime can I expect?

Minimal downtime is one of the benefits of Sciton SkinTyte. Once you are ready to leave the clinic you can continue with your day as you normally would.

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