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Skin Treatment

Stretch Mark Treatment

Skin Treatment

Stretch Mark Treatment

At Nassif MedSpa we adopt a combination approach dependent on your individual skin and stretch marks. It depends on the type of stretch mark, colour and age of stretch marks. We can greatly improve the appearance of stretch marks however no miracle stretch mark treatments exist.

We may uggest an ablative laser, or a non-ablative laser, or combination of the two. An ablative laser like the Sciton® Profractional™, Sciton HALO, the Sciton® MicroLaserPeel™ removes skin cells in a targeted manner to resurface your skin. New collagen is produced which improves the texture, firmness and appearance of your skin.

Halo is a hybrid laser that produces fractional ablative results with nonablative downtime by applying both wavelengths in a single pass. Ablative lasers work removing the outermost layers of dead and damaged skin, while nonablative lasers pass through the skin’s upper layers to heat the deeper tissues, stimulating collagen

For red pigmented stretch marks, the Sciton BBL™ uses specific wavelengths of light energy to target specific types of cells. BBL targets the fine blood vessels to heat and eliminate, reducing the redness and appearance of the marks.


Stretch Mark Treatment Manchester

At a glance

Expected Results

Reduced appearance of stretch marks

Treatment Time

From 15 minutes




Long-term results


Am I suitable for stretch mark treatment?

This treatment can work to significantly reduce the noticeable appearance of stretch marks on various areas of the body. Best results are seen after a series of treatments and are most effective when the stretch marks are still in their fairly early stages – when they are red / purple in colour. A consultation will outline the best course of action, according to your individual concerns, and can help you to understand the realistic outcome that can be achieved.

Is this treatment safe?

This treatment should always be performed by a practitioner who is trained and experienced. This will ensure that the procedure is delivered and carried out in a safe manner, and is more likely to achieve the end result you desire. All procedures at Nassif MedSpa are medically approved and scientifically proven for safety.

Will it hurt?

This treatment typically doesn’t produce a painful experience. Most people find this procedure is very tolerable, only feeling some very mild discomfort as the skin and tissues are heated. This is monitored throughout the treatment and your aesthetic professional will take every step to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease.

Are there any side effects or risks?

It is normal for your skin to feel sensitive, immediately following the treatment. In the days that follow, your skin may look red and feel a little rough for which we advise that you ice the area and apply a moisturiser to the skin. You can also expect the treated area to scab over before the new, smoother tissue is revealed.

How much downtime can I expect?

Any redness and / or sensitivity will have subsided within a few hours and does not usually cause a prolonged period of downtime. The results are often visible within 2 weeks, as the skin becomes more even in texture, as well as the overall tone looking brighter.

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