Skin Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation Laser

Skin Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation Laser

Dr. Nassif’s Iconic Signature Laser is a revolutionary treatment that is proven to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and an uneven skin tone. As a combined laser facial, this procedure helps to address a range of common skin concerns, without the need for invasive intervention and the lengthy downtime that is attached. Changes to the look and feel of the skin affect many people to some degree, as the ageing process takes effect. Creases in the skin, age spots, facial redness and thread veins, as well as acne scarring can often give a tired look to the face, with ageing causing the skin to appear also dull and dry. Sun exposure and other lifestyle habits can exacerbate the rate at which these concerns can appear, weakening the skin’s internal structure and contributing to damaged skin cells.

During a thorough consultation at Nassif MedSpa, your aesthetic professional will conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin. This will help to identify the concerns that are affecting the youthful look of the skin and other facial features, so that the right treatment can be recommended for you.

Using 3 different types of fractional laser and OPL, Dr. Nassif’s Iconic Signature Laser can give you unparalleled skin resurfacing results. The treatment techniques allow for both the surface layer and the deeper layers of the dermis to be addressed, creating new and healthy tissues that help to replenish the complexion from the inside out.
The treatment has 2 specialist settings: Extra Fast Microlens and Extra Deep Microlens, enabling skin rejuvenation to take place more rapidly and at a deeper level without damaging the surrounding skin and tissues, for advanced results.

A course of up to 3 treatments sessions may be recommended to achieve the maximum outcome. You may see an immediate improvement to the look of your skin, with the full results developing in up to 2 weeks, following the peeling of the surface layer.
A clearer, fresher and more radiant continues to progress over 6 months, enhancing the overall appearance of the face that also looks younger and and feels smoother.

Skin Rejuvenation Laser Manchester

At a glance

Expected Results

Brighter, clearer complexion

Treatment Time

60 minutes


Little to none


Long term with maintenance


Am I suitable for this treatment?

If you are concerned with the signs of ageing and are looking to achieve an appearance that is clearer, brighter and fresher, then the skin rejuvenating treatment may be recommended for you. This treatment can work to improve a variety of common conditions including: lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, uneven texture and tone, acne scarring, facial redness and thread veins.

Is the skin rejuvenation laser safe?

As the treatment uses non-ablative lasers, the skin does not get damaged as a result. The procedure is FDA approved and is proven to be a safe and effective method of rejuvenating the skin. All procedures at Nassif MedSpa are carried out by trained and experienced practitioners.

Will it hurt?

This is not designed to be a treatment that causes discomfort and delivers amazing results without causing trauma or injury to the skin.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Immediately following the treatment, the skin may look a little red. This is a temporary effect which will settle within hours. During your pre-treatment consultation all effects and risks will be explained.

How much downtime can I expect?

This treatment does not often require a patient to consider downtime. You should be able to continue your day as normal, upon leaving the clinic. The shedding period that occurs around 1 week afterwards, is fairly minor and may go unnoticed by others.

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