Dermal Fillers V Skin Boosters

10 November 2021

Dermal Fillers V Skin Boosters

At Nassif Medical Spa UK in Manchester, we offer a wide range of treatments for both the face and skin. Working as an extension to Dr. Paul Nassif – a world famous and highly regarded plastic surgeon – our experts deliver excellent results when enhancing one’s appearance and improving the condition of the skin.

Dermal fillers and skin boosters are two of the many solutions we have for helping to rejuvenate and refine a person’s look. We perform these procedures using only the most highly regarded, safest products on the market that are FDA approved. It is often the case that these two treatments can be considered similar, but they actually work in very different ways.

Let’s start with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that works by adding volume to the area beneath the skin. They can be used on the face, neck, décolletage and hands; rejuvenating the complexion as well as working to balance, accentuate and define certain facial features.
When a patient’s concerns are ageing related it is often due to the decrease in collagen and elastin from the skin’s structure – which can occur at a rate of 1 – 1.5% a year, and from the age of around 20+. These proteins are naturally produced in the skin and give the complexion its volume and firmness. Our skull changes shape as we age too, in women it shrinks meaning the skin and features are affected. Many of the dermal fillers procedures that we perform here at Nassif MedSpa UK, are for patients who are seeking treatment for lines and wrinkles, facial volume loss, jowls, sagging skin around the neck, mid-face and hands.
However, it is not just an ageing appearance that can benefit from dermal fillers. Volume can be added to help reshape or enhance the appearance of particular features. The lips and cheeks are features which patients can typically find to be lacking in natural volume, or which may benefit from a more defined shape. We also use advanced injecting techniques known as ‘mymodulation’ to assist in refreshing a patient’s appearance without adding volume or altering the way they look.

Skin boosters improve the condition and tone of the skin. They are a series of pure hyaluronic acid injections which hydrate the skin, and through bio-remodelling it kick-starts collagen and elastin production. They too, are administered via an injectable process, but the injections are much smaller and the viscosity of the product is not as dense. The treatment process involves a series of 5 injections on each side of the face. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid disperses across the face. In addition, the results will create a smoother texture and a brighter appearance, which can effectively reduce certain ageing-related concerns, such as lines and wrinkles, loose skin and a dull / dry complexion.
At Nassif MedSpa UK, our experts provide the best possible results for all our patients. Profhilo is one of the main skin boosters on the market which is renowned for providing a safe and effective outcome. They can be used to rejuvenate almost all areas of the face and body, including: the face, neck, decolletage, backs of hands, knees and upper arms.

By looking at these brief overviews you can see how dermal fillers and skin boosters are perceived as similar. Both of these injectable treatments contain hyaluronic acid. How they differ is that dermal fillers are a smooth gel that acts as a replacement for lost volume or for profile rebalancing, and skin boosters act as a skin conditioning treatment, dispersed evenly under the skin to remodel the skin tone.
We take a bespoke approach to each and every one of our patients, and recommend our personalised treatment plans around the individual requirements of each patient. Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in aesthetics, and deliver the same exceptional service here in Manchester that Dr. Nassif and his team implement at our practice in Beverly Hills – qualities that have become synonymous with the NassifMD brand. They have the medical knowledge and the aesthetic artistry to determine whether your appearance will benefit from either dermal fillers or skin boosters. Our process requires a full and thorough consultation before any treatment is recommended, taking into account the results that are both desired by the patient and that are realistically achievable.

So, the question that may be on many people’s lips is: “how do I know which treatment is best for me?” Our answer would be to come and visit Nassif MedSpa in Manchester and experience an in-depth consultation on treatment protocols, tailored to your individual requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you to the MedSpa soon!