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Skin Treatment

Scar Clinic

Skin Treatment

Scar Clinic

Nassif MedSpa is proud to include the Scar Clinic as part of our menu of treatments available here in the UK. When the skin and surrounding tissues are damaged, injured or burned, they can often heal in the form of a scar. These can be as a fine line, hypertrophic (thickened), keloid (enlarged), pitted or sunken (e.g from acne) or contracted (from burns, when the skin shrinks and is restricted in movement).

The appearance of a scar can impact on a person’s well-being and self-confidence. However, through our advanced range of methods and technology, we are able to deliver a portfolio of treatments that can work to successfully fade and erase scarring.

As no scar is the same, a personalised approach needs to be taken in order to produce the best outcome. This can be achieved through a single treatment or as part of a combination of procedures that include the use of lasers, resurfacing and topical treatments, as recommended by our team of aesthetic doctors.

Fractional and ablative lasers deliver pulses of energy to the dermis, heating the tissues to encourage an inflammatory response that helps to remodel the skin tissues, improving on their colour, texture and tension. The surrounding skin remains unharmed by this process from which the renewal and regeneration of new skin cells is also encouraged.

We have a wide range of lasers offering different wave lengths that can be tailored to your individual requirements and scar types.

Other available technologies at the MedSpa work by flattening or filling in the area, either with resurfacing or injectable treatments, blending the scar in with the surrounding tissues, and steroid injections.

As each case is different, the treatment protocol may vary, as can the final results. Depending on the plan of treatments for you and your concerns, the outcome may be seen immediately, or may need to allow for several months to develop. The age, size and depth of the scar can determine the type of treatment that is recommended and how many sessions will be needed.

Scar Clinic Manchester

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Treatment dependent


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Am I suitable for the scar clinic?

As scarring can vary with each individual case, it is essential to attend a pre-treatment consultation to determine if you are a suitable candidate, and to outline the results that you can expect to achieve. Our range of treatment options are designed to address a variety of different types of scarring, tailoring the plan to suit the size, location and depth of scarring. Addressing the scar at an early stage helps to ensure a more successful outcome and many of our patients come to us via a post-operative referral.

Is this treatment safe?

The treatment options available for reducing the appearance of scars are safe and effective procedures, when performed by a trained and experienced doctor.

Will it hurt?

You may find the treatment could incur some degree of discomfort, which can also depend on the type of procedure that has been recommended for you. Throughout the treatment your comfort will be monitored and every step will be taken to make sure you are comfortable. If required, the necessary method of anaesthesia will be offered to you.

Are there any side effects or risks?

You will be asked to attend a thorough consultation before the treatment goes ahead, during which time all potential side effects or risks will be explained. This may vary due to the type of procedure that is recommended for you.

How much downtime can I expect?

Procedures at Nassif MedSpa are designed to be delivered as safely and efficiently as possible, using the latest techniques that are as less invasive as they can possibly be. This ensures that downtime and recovery time is kept to a minimum, which will be outlined during your pre-treatment consultation.

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