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Pre and Post Surgery Package


Pre and Post Surgery Package

Deciding to undergo a surgery often requires a lot of thought and consideration, and in many cases is the end to a long and emotional journey that aims to improve a person’s physical and psychological well-being.

Pre and Post Surgery Package


Dr. Nassif’s surgical practice uses bespoke treatment packages in order to ensure outstanding results come from a rapid and successful recovery.

Exacting standards are upheld through your entire surgical journey. Dr. Nassif and his team understand that pre and post operative care requires the same level of care and attention as the treatment procedure itself.

Dedicating time to the consultation and aftercare protocols, enables us to fully understand the person we are treating for optimised results.

The benefits of our unique service include treatments to prepare the body in order to:

  • optimise facial and body surgery results
  • activate and support a robust immune response – essential for healing
  • reduce swelling and bruising post surgery
  • increase collagen production to enhance healing and tissue repair
  • reduce scarring
  • decrease inflammation and risk of infection
  • support the detoxification of anaesthesia
  • enhance aesthetic results

For best results please contact us with your potential surgery date, so we can create the most effective and bespoke plan to support your surgical journey.

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