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Skin Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

Skin Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

Laser treatment for pigmentation is a highly effective way of addressing the appearance of discoloured patches on the skin. The laser works by targeting the blemishes to remove them and leave behind a complexion that is clearer and more evenly toned.

Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin due to the overproduction of melanin. This condition can appear as Melasma, sun spots (also known as age spots or liver spots) or post inflammatory pigmentation caused through injury or acne scarring, and usually appears as small patches of discoloured skin on the hands, face or body. The cause of your pigmentation issues will be assessed at a pre-treatment consultation. This will enable your aesthetic professional to make a personalised recommendation as to the most appropriate treatment option, based on your individual requirements.

The Iconic Pigmentation Laser delivers light energy to the layers beneath the skin’s surface through a handheld device. The device is passed over the chosen area and targets the cells that are affected by discolouration, destroying the pigmentation.

The heat that is generated from the laser also helps to stimulate the fibres in the underlying structure of the skin to encourage an increased production of collagen and elastin. This helps to firm and strengthen the skin, as well as aiding the replenishment of healthy new cellular structure.

An effective treatment used on the face, the Iconic Pigmentation Laser can also be used to remove age spots on the hands, neck and decolletage, where pigmentation issues are commonly found.

Although results can start to appear after the first treatment, our practitioners will often recommend attending up to 3 sessions to get the desired result. As the laser is designed to target melanin it works best on non-tanned skin, making it a great Autumn / Winter treatment.

Pigmentation Treatment Manchester

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Expected Results

Improved Skin Tone

Treatment Time

Up To 35 Minutes




Long Term Results


Am I suitable for the Iconic Pigmentation Laser?

A suitable candidate will be determined during the pre-treatment consultation, when your concerns will be thoroughly assessed. Pigmentation often affects areas of the face and body, where exposure to the sun is frequent. These concerns can include: age spots, sun damage, melasma and discoloured skin from injury to the skin or acne scarring.

Will it hurt?

The treatment does work to heat the deeper layers of the skin, so therefore the patient may feel a warming sensation. This is not designed to be painful and the temperature of the skin will be closely monitored throughout. In many cases, patients have described this treatment as feeling relaxing.

Are there any side effects or risks?

The skin may feel some sensitivity after the treatment, which will ease in the hours that follow. You may find that your skin looks a little darker as the results are developing, which is also a temporary effect that will resolve within days. Other potential side effects will be outlined during the pre-treatment consultation.

How much downtime can I expect?

Although you may need to allow for a few days for any redness, sensitivity or uneven tones, this should not stop you from carrying on with your usual routine or level of activity. Any concerns can be addressed by your practitioner at any time, before, during and after the treatment.

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