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Face Treatment

Skin Clarifying MediFacial

Face Treatment

Skin Clarifying MediFacial

Our Clarifying MediFacial is great for those who are looking to achieve a clearer, more refined complexion. Using a proven combination of Dr. Nassif’s Dermaceutical range, this treatment works to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify the skin.

Dull, dry congested skin can develop over a period of time, arising from internal and external factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis and as we get older.A regular skin care routine that is suitable for your individual skin type and tone will often go a long way to keeping the skin in good condition, with regular in-clinic treatments enhancing the results.

The condition of your skin will be analysed at an in-depth consultation, that also takes a look at your individual concerns. According to the outcome you are hoping to achieve, we can advise on the best treatment option, as well as the most suitable products to use on your skin. By tailoring our approach specifically to your skin care needs enables an end result that is truly bespoke to you.

The Clarifying MediFacial is one of the treatments available at Nassif MedSpa which is exclusive only to their range. Our skin specialist will perform a series of procedures to help revitalise, restore and repair a radiant look to the skin.

Steam helps to open the pores, loosening up any dirt and debris, so it can be easily extracted from the skin. The application of light therapy delivers healing and anti-bacterial properties to the complexion, reducing inflammation and redness.

We recommend using this treatment regularly, to support your usual skincare regimen and enhance the results. Although a fantastic solution for improving the condition of the skin on your face, we can also perform The Clarifying MediFacial as an add-on treatment for the back and chest, addressing concerns such as acne and ageing skin.

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At a glance

Expected Results

A clearer, more refined complexion

Treatment Time

1 hour




Long-term results as part of a regular routine.


Am I suitable for The Clarifying Medifacial?

This exclusive treatment to Nassif MedSpa is used to help refine the look of dull skin on the face, chest and back. A thorough consultation with one of our skincare specialists can outline the results you are likely to achieve, taking into account your individual concerns, as well as your skin type and tone.

Is this treatment safe?

Dr. Nassif’s exclusive range of treatments and skincare products have been developed using his extensive expert medical and aesthetic knowledge. The procedure is proven to produce safe and effective results and would not be part of Dr. Nassif’s unique brand if they did not have medical approval.

Will it hurt?

This treatment is described by our patients as being very relaxing and soothing. There should be no pain or discomfort involved in the processes and many consider this experience to be the ultimate in pampering as well as producing an amazing appearance that is refreshed and radiant.

Are there any side effects or risks?

During your pre-treatment consultation your skincare specialist will give you a full explanation of the potential side effects and risks involved. You will need to share details of your medical history and general health with your practitioner, to enable the right products to be used and to reduce the chance of your skin reacting to any of the ingredients.

How much downtime can I expect?

This treatment has no downtime attached. When you leave the clinic you should be able to continue with your day, as you normally would, but feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

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