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2 February 2024

Halo vs Moxi which laser is right for you?

Here at Nassif Medical Spa, Manchester UK, we are focused on providing the best services and treatments for each patient.

Choosing the right laser treatment may seem overwhelming with the variety of options available. At our Manchester MedSpa, we proudly offer both Sciton MOXI and HALO laser skin resurfacing treatments. Depending on your skincare goals, we will recommend a personalized laser treatment to address your specific needs.

MOXI™ is a non-ablative laser that avoids creating open wounds in the skin. Utilizing a random fractionated pattern, MOXI distributes microscopic depots of laser energy, resulting in a Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris (MEND) response. This process enhances skin brightness, comparable to “lightly” aerating a lawn.

On the other hand, the HALO™ Laser combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, penetrating deeper into the skin than MOXI. With a fractionated pattern at specific strengths, HALO addresses damage at both the dermal and surface levels. This is akin to thoroughly “aerating” the lawn, and we can customize HALO based on individual needs.



*Targets early signs of aging and improves sun damage.

*Ideal for a quick “lunch break” treatment.

*Safe for all skin types.

*Minimal recovery with little to no downtime.

*Promotes a healthy glow, maintaining youthful skin.



*Treats sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

*Can target skin lesions, scars, redness, and veins.

*Slightly longer recovery period (approximately 5-7 days).

*Significantly improves tone, texture, and reduces scars and dark spots.


Choosing between MOXI and HALO depends on your specific needs. MOXI is suitable for maintaining skin and preventing further damage, while HALO is best for reversing sun exposure and premature aging effects.

Our team of expert laser professionals at MedSpa on MediaCity Manchester is here to guide you. After a thorough consultation and skin analysis, we’ll recommend the best treatment option based on your goals, skin concerns, expected outcomes, and downtime preferences.

Both HALO and MOXI treatments can be combined with Forever Young BBL and BBL HERO laser skin resurfacing on the same day. We recommend waiting two weeks before or after laser treatments to have dermal filler injections.

Treatment Frequency:

*MOXI: A series of 3 treatments per year for preventing signs of aging.

*HALO: One treatment per year for mild-to-moderate sun damage and addressing fine lines.

Treatment Areas:

*Face, neck, chest, and other body areas as needed.


*HALO: from £1500 for a full-face treatment.

*MOXI: from £1800 for a package of 3 treatments.

Comfort Level:

*MOXI: Minimal discomfort, usually well-tolerated without numbing.

*HALO: Topical numbing cream applied; patients may feel mild to moderate heat.


If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact our team, 0161 8778444. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with the most suitable laser treatments for your unique needs.

Client Reviews

Jennie Murphy
Jennie Murphy
19 May 2024
Amazing 10/10 they were so supportive I had huge amounts of anxiety the whole time I was literally shaking but the loveliest woman ever held my hand and we chatted away and I love the results so far, id just like to thank them for being so professional they went super above and beyond the customer service is unreal!!!!
Abbey Bebbington
Abbey Bebbington
17 May 2024
I have been to see Amanda a few times now to help with the appearance of my acne scarring and redness. On my first appointment we had a very very thorough consultation which I really appreciated. I then went onto have halo and profractional laser, the aftercare was amazing and she was always on hand to answer any queries over message on her weekend! I have recently been for a checkup where I had more treatment in her own time just so I can get the best results possible. You're in extremely good hands at nassif med spa, everything is amazing from the second you walk through the door. I have had a lot of people curious about what I'm doing too. Thankyou!
Emma Fenlon
Emma Fenlon
27 April 2024
The Hydrafacial Platinum was absolutely fantastic, hands down the best facial I have ever had. My skin felt gorgeous afterwards and the whole experience was relaxing and rejuvenating. Nina was lovely, friendly and explained each stage, which was very reassuring. Amanda and Andi were so welcoming and professional. The clinic is beautifully clean and well presented. I will be back and have already recommended them and this particular treatment to friends and family. Thank you!
Ashley Spence
Ashley Spence
5 April 2024
Great experience throughout. Amanda was brilliant made me feel very relaxed and explained my treatment thoroughly. Looking forward to my next treatment.
Nikita Trehan
Nikita Trehan
29 March 2024
Always love coming here, everyone’s super friendly and such a relaxing atmosphere. They offer a range of incredible services & always going above & beyond.
The NewYou Skin Clinic
The NewYou Skin Clinic
18 March 2024
Amanda was absolutely superb . Very knowledgeable and reassuring. The clinic is beautiful . I will be returning in a month as advised . Very indepth consultation with no pressure at all . Highly recommend.
17 March 2024
An excellent clinic, highly recommended! I visited Nassif Medspa initially for BBL treatment, but soon progressed to Moxi and Hydrafacial treatments. Amanda is a consummate professional, who listened to my (difficult) in-depth journey, and made recommendations to help. My skin has never looked better! Her attention to detail is second-to-none; Amanda genuinely puts time, energy, and her soul into her work, and it really shows. Shout out to the lovely Andy and Nina too. A great clinic with awesome vibes. Big thumbs up! A++++++++++++++++++
Melinda Taylor
Melinda Taylor
8 March 2024
Very professional and know their stuff. Went for a consultation and would highly recommend
Deby Allison
Deby Allison
4 March 2024
Amazing Hydrafacial. The DPD delivery man said what have you done you look brand new.