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Body Treatment

Neck Rejuvenation Treatment

Body Treatment

Neck Rejuvenation Treatment

Neck rejuvenation treatment can be used to reduce the appearance of ‘tech neck’ and other conditions associated with it, including: skin laxity, crepiness, double chin and wrinkles.

Nassif MedSpa has a variety of treatment options to help improve the appearance of the neck area, which are recommended depending on your individual concerns. Each solution can produce an outcome that helps to smooth and firm the texture of the skin, for a less crumpled or sagging look.

Tech neck is often caused by repeatedly looking downwards at your mobile device, laptop or tablet, causing the delicate skin on your neck to wrinkle and show the signs of ageing more prematurely. As well as the frequent folding of the skin from this motion, ageing can weaken the skin in this area which can lead to the creases and other aesthetic concerns, becoming more noticeable. Wrinkles, jowls and loose skin around the neck used to begin in late middle age but, in the last 10 years due to ‘tech neck’, it has become more prevalent for a generation of younger women and men.

Successful treatments for tech neck often involve the use of hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers) for horizontal lines, neurotoxin for vertical bands or ablative laser and IPL for tightening the skin and improving sun damage and overall skin texture. We can also use fat dissolving injections to reduce the look of a double chin, as well as hydrating skin boosters for an improved texture and tone.

By improving the look of the skin around the neck, a more youthful appearance of this area can be restored. Lifting and smoothing the skin, as well as reducing the amount of fatty tissue that is exposed around the neck and chin, can also restore a harmonious balance to the lower face.

Your aesthetician will advise how a series or combination of anti-ageing treatments can help to achieve a youthful and radiant look for the longer term.

Neck Rejuvenation Treatment Manchester

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Expected Results

Younger looking skin around the neck and chin

Treatment Time

Treatment dependent


Little to none


Treatment dependent


Am I suitable for neck rejuvenation treatment?

Suitability for a treatment that reduces the look of sagging skin around the neck will be determined at a pre-treatment assessment. Your aesthetician will examine your individual condition and recommend the right treatment based on this, your desired result and details of your overall health.

Is this treatment safe?

Treatments at Nassif MedSpa are performed by expertly trained and experienced professionals. The procedures available at the clinic have medical approval and use the most up to date techniques in order to produce a successful outcome. High quality products alongside modern equipment helps to ensure the treatment protects the safety and welfare of each and every patient.

Will it hurt?

Whether or not you will feel any discomfort from the treatment will depend on which one has been recommended for you. Typically, non-surgical procedures at Nassif MedSpa are designed to incur as little sensitivity as possible, with solutions for minimising discomfort and soothing the treated area during and after use. At your pre-treatment consultation this topic will be discussed with you, taking into account your personal levels of comfort.

Are there any side effects or risks?

It is likely that, depending on the treatment, you will experience some redness and swelling at the chosen area. These effects are often temporary and will subside within 24 hours. If an injectable treatment has been administered, you may be advised not to touch or apply unnecessary pressure to the treated area for up to 6 hours. All risks will be explained during your pre-treatment consultation.

How much downtime can I expect?

With many of the non-surgical treatments available at Nassif MedSpa, it is often the case that you can resume your day very soon after the procedure.

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