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Body Treatment

Hand Rejuvenation

Body Treatment

Hand Rejuvenation

Nassif MedSpa has a range of treatments available to rejuvenate the hands. Depending on the concern a specific treatment can work to improve the look and feel of the skin by adding volume, reducing pigmentation and smoothing the texture. The hands will often be one of the first places that show the tell-tale signs of ageing. As a part of the body that is constantly exposed, they can display the effects of sun damage, ageing quicker than other parts of the face and body.

The dermal layer on the hands is thinner and contains less collagen than other areas of the face and body. Through ageing, the skin can become thinner still as collagen is lost, causing a reduction in volume. This can result in the look of crepey skin and veins becoming more prominent. Damaged skin cells are vulnerable to discolouration and age spots (also known as liver spots, sun spots or dermal flares), giving the look of older hands.

Dr. Nassif has created a range of treatments to literally turn back the hands of time. Through the application of dermal fillers or injectable skin boosters we can plump and rejuvenate the skin for a firmer, fuller look. Removing liver spots and pigmentation marks can be achieved through a pigmentation treatment, designed specifically for the hands. This treatment can reverse the damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays, restoring an even tone to the skin.

We can discuss your concerns at a consultation, prior to the treatment. According to the conditions that you are affected by, a suitable procedure can be recommended for achieving the outcome you desire. You can maintain a youthful look to the hands with healthy, plump and hydrated skin by using Dr. Nassif’s exclusive skincare range.

The right product will need to be prescribed specially for you and your individual skin type in order to reduce the concerns you are affected by.

Hand Rejuvenation Manchester

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Expected Results

Younger looking hands

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From 30 minutes




Up to 12 months


Am I suitable for hand rejuvenation?

Many patients come to us for hand rejuvenation when they feel the look of their hands is causing their appearance to seem older than they would like. The hands are constantly exposed to the sun and other elements, which can prematurely age the skin on the hands. More care is often required for this part of the body, which many people tend to forget about. A treatment that improves the look and feel of the skin on the hands can restore a more youthful look that is also softer and more supple.

Is this treatment safe?

All treatments at Nassif MedSpa are considered safe and effective procedures that have medical approval and produce successful results for many patients. Procedures are carried out by trained and experienced professionals who ensure the welfare of their patients through a gentle and caring touch.

Will it hurt?

Rejuvenating treatments for the hands could be applied through an injectable technique. This could cause some very minor discomfort as the needle is being inserted, but the needles are very fine and therefore more comfortable. At Nassif MedSpa we have the opportunity available for you to have an anaesthetic applied prior to the treatment, usually as a topical cream.

Are there any side effects or risks?

An injectable treatment can cause the skin to look red and slightly swollen, following the procedure. Small bumps may appear where the needle was inserted accompanied by some minor bruising. These effects are temporary and will often have settled within a matter of hours. A medical grade skin care product will need to be prescribed for you, according to your individual concerns. Your medical history and allergies will need to be shared with your practitioner, to reduce the risk of reacting to any of the ingredients that may be contained in any of these products.

How much downtime can I expect?

A treatment that aims to rejuvenate the look of the hands should not result in a period of downtime. However, if you have had an injectable treatment, you may be advised to avoid unnecessarily touching or applying pressure to the area. This is to enable the product to settle effectively.

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