Skin Rejuvenation Manchester

4 January 2022


We’ve all heard the term ‘skin rejuvenation’, but what does this actually mean? As you might expect, such a broad description covers a variety of skin concerns, such as: pigmentation, dull / dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, the list is endless – so skin rejuvenation in its most comprehensive term talks about rejuvenating all manner of skin concerns.
Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and the one that is exposed to all the elements. How we take care of or protect our skin in our younger years will affect how we age, as well as the tone and texture of the complexion.

Lifestyle factors such as smoking, poor diet and exercise, lack of hydration and lack of sleep are all things we can take control of to ensure our skin is in as good a condition as is possible. There are however other contributors to lack lustre skin that we don’t have quite so much control over. These are called environmental factors, and cover such things as: the weather, exposure to pollution and genetics. If your skin is affected by environmental factors, there is still some protection you can offer your skin to give it a helping hand, such as a factor 30+ SPF which will help protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, as well as acting as a barrier to light pollution.

Looking after your skin with a suitable home skincare routine can really help to delay the signs of ageing, as well as to improve the condition of your skin.

Sometimes however, this isn’t quite enough. No matter the reason your skin is a little under the weather, here at Nassif MedSpa UK, we have the answer.
Just like Dr Nassif at his clinic in Beverly Hills, we use the Sciton laser to treat such concerns and gently rejuvenate the skin; returning it to a healthy, glowing state. Sciton has various applications, each working to address different concerns and deliver unrivalled results that reveal a healthier, more glowing complexion.
Both the BBL HERO and HALO modes are great for reviving the look and feel of the skin. Targeting the superficial and deeper layers of the dermis, each of these treatments can help to increase cellular turnover for healthy new skin that is clearer, brighter, smoother and firmer. In addition, the heat that is generated by each of these lasers stimulates fibers in the underlying structure which not only works to firm and strengthen the skin to aid the replenishment of a healthy cellular structure, but also destroys areas of pigmentation.

BBL HERO stands for BroadBand Light High Energy Output. It works in the same way as many IPL treatments but much more efficiently, delivering intense pulses of light directly to the surface of the skin. BBL HERO and HALO are both part of the Joule platform. This machine has been used by doctors and aestheticians in the US for several years now, and its excellent reputation is becoming widely recognised here in the UK. As an extension of Dr. Nassif’s clinic, Nassif MedSpa UK is proud to say that we are one of few clinics who are aware of just how amazing Sciton is and can offer our patients its incredible results.
With the use of both visible and infrared light, the laser can target various depths of the skin in order to address a range of common skin complaints. When compared to other laser resurfacing / IPL treatments, there really is no contest. Sciton’s treatments are able to treat any area of the face or body, the device is more powerful than other machines, it works quicker and provides a more comfortable experience. Most people are considered to be a suitable candidate as Sciton can be used on almost all skin types and tones – many similar treatments are not as effective on darker complexions.

Skin rejuvenation at Nassif Medical Spa UK is also suitable for those suffering from acne scarring and pigmentation. The treatment allows for rejuvenation of both the surface of the skin, but also the deeper layers by encouraging cell renewal to give long lasting results, replenishing the skin from the inside out.

Our skin rejuvenation treatments are a popular choice at this time of the year, whether it’s to get a great festive glow or to ensure you start the new year looking fabulous.

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