Body Treatment

Fat Dissolving Injections

Body Treatment

Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving injections can be used to help re-contour areas of the body and face, where excess fat is present. This safe and effective treatment can be used to treat the small pockets of fat that affect the chin, chest, abdomen, flanks and back, thighs, knees and ankles to restore a more slimline look.

Fat dissolving injections usually require a series of treatment sessions in order to achieve the desired outcome, which can produce long-lasting results for highly effective body contouring.

Excess fat can be the result of weight gain or ageing as the body distributes fatty tissue differently, as well as finding it harder to get rid of. Although many people follow a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a steady weight, in some cases small areas of localised fat will remain. This can be frustrating for the affected person, as well as causing some issues with self-confidence.

Nassif MedSpa uses Aqualyx fat dissolving injections. They work by simply dissolving the membrane of the fat cells in the treated area. These cells then become unstable, breaking open to release the fatty acid within the cell which is then disposed of naturally by the macrophages and liver. The treatment requires the solution to be injected in small amounts, directly under the skin and the patient has the choice of whether topical anaesthetic is used beforehand.

The number of sessions required can vary, depending on the size of the area to be treated. It is typical for 1 – 2 treatments to be performed for small areas such as under the chin or ankles, with more sessions being necessary for larger areas such as thighs or abdomen.

Results can usually be seen after week 4, post treatment, with maximum results expected 6 weeks after the final treatment. The results of your Aqualyx treatment can be considered permanent as long as you maintain your healthy weight and lifestyle, but should not be considered a solution for reducing significant amounts of weight.

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At a glance

Expected Results

Improved contouring for the face and body

Treatment Time

15-45 minutes




Can be permanent


Am I suitable for fat dissolving injections?

If you have isolated stubborn areas of fat, but are close to your ideal weight, Aqualyx fat dissolving injections may be a suitable option for you. Popular areas that we treat at Nassif MedSpa include: under the chin, abdomen, inner thighs, ankles, stomach, back and male chest area. A consultation will determine your suitability as not everyone will be a candidate, for example: those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, under 18’s, people who are not close to their ideal weight.

Is this treatment safe?

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are considered to be a safe and effective solution for removing stubborn areas of excess fat. This product in particular is designed to work with your body to eliminate the fat cells, which are excreted naturally through the body’s own lymphatic system.

Will it hurt?

Treatments that address pockets of fat under the neck and chin are usually fairly pain free. However, in larger areas of the body the patient may experience some mild discomfort. This can be avoided by the use of a local anaesthetic which can be applied either topically, or added directly to the Aqualyx solution.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Most patients who undergo a fat reducing injectable treatment will experience some minor side effects, including: redness, swelling and tenderness at the treatment site. The swelling can be more significant in areas under the chin and around the jaw, which is worth considering when scheduling your treatment. These effects should be temporary and will often have subsided within a few days of treatment. Other complications will be discussed at your initial consultation.

How much downtime can I expect?

The treated area will feel tender for some time after the procedure. Recovery time can vary from patient to patient, but generally a person will feel more comfortable within a few hours. Although you may feel that your usual daily tasks can still be undertaken (albeit at a slightly slower pace) it is recommended that strenuous activities and exercise is avoided for 7 – 10 days, as well as heat treatments such as saunas or steam rooms.

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