Supporting Your Surgery Results

A treatment package designed to enhance your surgical results and recovery time

With over 30 years of surgical experience Dr. Nassif and his team understand the importance of pre and post-operative care more than most.

Using this wealth of experience we are able to provide a package, designed by Dr. Nassif to optimise your surgery journey, whether it be an elective plastic surgery or otherwise.

The benefits of unique service include treatments to prepare the body in order to ;-

  • optimise facial and body surgery results
  • activate and support a robust immune response -essential for healing
  • reduce swelling and bruising post surgery
  • increase collagen production to enhance healing and tissue repair
  • reduce scarring
  • decrease inflammation and risk of infection
  • support the detoxifaction of anaesthesia
  • enhance aesthetic results

For best results please contact us with your potential surgery date, so we can create the most effective and bespoke plan to support your surgical journey.

Prices start from £100.