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The lips are one of the most noticeable features of the face, but hereditary factors and the aging process leave some people unsatisfied with the appearance of theirs. Many patients desire cosmetic treatment known as lip augmentation or lip enhancement to restore shape and volume to the lips.

What is it used to treat?

  • To create fuller upper & lower lip
  • To reduce fine lines around the mouth
  • To lift corners of the mouth
  • To erase “smokers’ lines”
  • To enhance the shape and definition of the lips
  • To even out unbalanced lips

Summary Of Your Treatments

  • time
    Procedure Time

    Combined treatment and consultation approximately 30-40 minutes

  • Work
    Back To Work

    24 hours estimated

  • anaesthetic


  • recovery
    Full Recovery

    Swelling is usually at its peak the following day, but begins to subside after 48 hours

  • sensitivity
    Sensitivity Period

    Approximately 24 hours

  • results

    Results are evident immediately

  • duration
    Duration of Results

    Approximately 6-9months

  • complications
    Risks & Complications

    Bruising and swelling

Lip Enhancement FAQ: Your Questions Answered

What are lip fillers?

Lip filler is a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid gel. Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid (HA) when you are young, which keeps the skin full, hydrated and elastic. Dermal fillers mimic the effects of HA. Fillers come in different densities to allow you to achieve different results and are fully reversible. Dermal filler is injected into the lips to create a fuller effect, and the lip borders to create definition We use Juvederm, Belotero, Aliaxin and Perfectha.

What does the lip enhancement procedure involve?

Your doctor will inject small quantities of filler into the border of the lips or body of the lip depending on the desired effect. It should take approximately 30 minutes and the effects are instant.

What is the result?

Lip borders can be defined and the shape and size of the lips can be enhanced either subtly or dramatically depending on the result the client desires. This treatment is also ideal for reducing lines and creases around the mouth area (including ‘smoker’s lines’).

How long will the results last?

The effects of dermal fillers are fairly instant and last up to nine months.

Will it hurt?

Everything is done to make any discomfort minimal and so we give a full local anesthetic to ensure there is no pain. The full dental block contains adrenalin, which also helps to prevent bruising by causing the blood vessels to constrict and reduce in size. You will feel a little numb for about 1-2 hours post procedure.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Swelling and redness are common initial side effects, and sometimes bruising, but such complaints are very temporary and should subside shortly after the procedure (within 48 hours). HA is naturally produced within the body and as such the risk of allergic reaction is very minimal. The HA fillers Nassif Medspa use are non-permanent and can easily be reversed. We are always available by phone to speak to should you have any concerns or questions.


Take care around the filled area for the period immediately following your treatment. Avoid unnecessary touching/pressure for the first six hours.

Please note: Any injectable procedure will only be undertaken after your face to face consultation with one of our medical practitioners, during which a full assessment will be carried out and full list of cautions and contraindications discussed.

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